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Customer Comments: customer said it went good and easy and everyone was helpful and knowledgeable


Customer Comments: Store experience went great, the store manager made the sale go smoothly.

Jessica N

Customer Comments: Probably last years review are not good. But looks like the changed most of the staff in the store. When i went there, it was such an amazing treatment! Loved the customer service and all the incredible free stuff you get from buying a puppy. A good health certificate (up date vaccine) including micro chipped and free first vet consultation.Lot of benefits from buying a puppy in here. Ariel is an amazing pet counselor. She has so much passion about animals, specially puppies. I really recommend this place if you want to buy a puppy. Recently, I got my puppy there :) such an energetic girl!

Wendy D

Customer Comments: Had a great experience..was helped right away we got to see the puppies we wanted and applied for their credit card and got approved with a fair credit score, so happy we choose this place to buy our puppy

Jorian J

Customer Comments: I finally bought a yorkiepompoo from this store. I love my puppy. I am very skeptical of pet shops that sell puppies, but this place is at the top of my list as far as care and being as clean as possible with 20 pooping puppies ! I have stood there and just watched the employees and it does seem a little disorganized, but NOT. Everyone knows there place, even when the place is packed and that is 9 x out of 10 each time I visit. I take my hat's off to this pet shop. I am very happy with my puppy. They were honest with me and up front about everything with my little puppy. Very happy customer. There prices are a little high, but to me, you get what you pay for.

Ryan S

Customer Comments: If you are looking for quality dogs come here they are the best dogs you can find for 100 of miles. Staff is great they really care about the dogs there. Previous reviews seem like haters, ive never had a bad exprienence there...coming from someone who actaully bought a dog from here

Adetutu B

Customer Comments: i had fun playing with the puppies. Great establishment,clean environment. Fun place .

Rafed K

Customer Comments:
I bought a 4 month old lion head rabbit for only $85! i also got a cage with all the supplies i need for the rabbit for only and additional $160!!!! The staff here is very friendly and eager to answer any sort of question ! I am totally coming back!

Paul M

Customer Comments: We bought two little bunnies there yesterday. The store was very clean, the animals were very clean, healthy looking, and looked happy. We were worried when we read all the negative reviews, but, were so happy we checked it out for ourselves! The staff and owner were incredibly helpful and looked like they truly enjoyed their jobs and helping people find the right pets. As we always do when bring a new animal into our home, we stopped off at our vet and found our little bunny guys to be in great condition. The rabbits were really well socialized, clean, friendly, and loving. This was truly a wonderful experience, I recommend you check this place out for yourself if you are seriously interested in purchasing a pet...and I am sure you wont be disappointed. Thank you Petland for the newest members of our family!

Fairfax City Reporter

Customer Comments: A state of the art pet store in city Fairfax Main St. offering the cutest pets and their food, grooming and other supplies. Intensively trained staff involved with best husbandry to produce healthy pets and are committed to make your new relationship with your pets as valuable as possible.

Dylan & Carolina C

Customer Comments: Got our beagle puppy here three months ago and couldn't be happier! We got a wonderful healthy puppy at a very fair price considering everything in his puppy package, which been included the microchip. We have gone through the puppy classes they offer and continued with the recommended veterinary office.


Customer Comments: it went good everyone was very kind


Customer Comments: I had a fun time at this Petland!! everyone working was super smart and friendly. The store was also spotless :)


Customer Comments: My store experience was perfect as always at this petland!! Its such a great store and I will definitely be coming back again one day.


Customer Comments: It was fantastic! the customer service was amazing at this store also, I would definitely come back again.


Customer Comments: It was awesome! Everyone at the store was super helpful and friendly, I would definitely come back again


Customer Comments: It was a good time,Ryan was helpful and straightforward, The store was very helpful.


Customer Comments: It was great time, they were able to answer all his questions and he loves his new puppy!


Customer Comments: it was awesome, the staff was very friendly as well.


Customer Comments: It was great! the customer service was really good at this store and I would definitely come back!


Customer Comments: Had a great time there, it was very clean and organized in there. The staff was friendly and Charlote was very helpful


Customer Comments: Store experience was great! everyone was nice and patient.Ryan was very helpful and answered all of our questions. we are very happy with our puppy!


Customer Comments: Jeremy was very helpful! They were able to answer all of her questions. Every one was very nice and provided great customer service!


Customer Comments: It was great, They had a good time. The customer service was quite great.


Customer Comments: store visit was great! Daniel was great as well he was very helpful and informative. He was also knowledgeable.


Customer Comments: Store experience was great!


Customer Comments: Her visit couldn't have had a better time. They went above and beyond to help her find the right pup. Briana was a major help. She definitely will recommend to others


Customer Comments: This is our second purchase with Petland Fairfax and it was even better the second time! Elise was extremely helpful in finding the parent information and answering all of our questions. Our visit was quick and we left with the perfect puppy for our home.


Customer Comments: They had a good time, They really enjoyed it. Karina was wonderful! She really was able to help them out!


Customer Comments: Puppy is doing really good! They love him so much already! The store experience was really amazing. It really meant alot to them that the experience was so great. Everyone was extremely helpful, kind, knowledgeable they offered so much in regards to stuff for the puppy (including the puppy package).


Customer Comments: Great store experience! Eddy was really great. The manager did paperwork with them and he was really awesome. Everything was a really good experience! Couldn't be happier!


Customer Comments: Had a great time. Charlotte was a huge help she was able to answer any questions she had. She was impressed with everything that she saw and she just loves her new furbaby!


Customer Comments: puppy is doing good. He loved the way the store treat him. Cindy helped him get another Yorkshire terrier back in July and she remembered him like he was there yesterday. He was treated so well by the store and is overall amazed by the experience.


Customer Comments: Leslie was great. She was very helpful and informative. The store experience was good, and they are very happy with their new puppy.


Customer Comments: Karina was the one who helped us out and she did an outstanding job!!


Customer Comments: Had a good time getting her 1st new puppy! She had a a lot of help from Charlotte, she was very helpful and Knowledgeable. Was able to answer all of Kenia's questions that she had being a first time pet owner. Charlotte was really able to help her with getting ready for this new venture.


Customer Comments: super cute puppy, great experience. Ryan was super helpful and nice. Provided great service and was overall happy with the experience.


Customer Comments: store experience was good. oscar was very helpful, he answered all of our questions.also gave us information on training classes that were coming up. customer service was great all the way around.


Customer Comments: Charlotte was very helpful, had lots of information and tips to provide for them. store experience was overall good


Customer Comments: Eddy was of great help with picking out everything she would need in her homecare package. The puppy is doing great as well. Store experience was good.


Customer Comments: happy with the puppy, store experience was great, Cindy was very thorough and helped them sign up for training immediately


Customer Comments: just went to look, but ended up buying puppies. Izzy was of amazing help with the purchase and getting them all set up for being new pet owners


Customer Comments: visit was good. Michael was good, very helpful. answered all of my questions.


Customer Comments: visit was really good, karina was very helpful, no complaints. she was very nice.


Customer Comments: was a great experience! Elise was very good and experienced.


Customer Comments: puppy is doing fantastic, store experience was great


Customer Comments: puppy is doing well, manager was helpful at the store


Customer Comments: puppy is darling, fantastic store experience, very nice store associates


Customer Comments: It was good. They were really good and informative and helpful!


Customer Comments: My experience went really good, everyone was very helpful and informative with giving information!


Customer Comments: It was great! this is my second time buying a puppy from them its been awesome.


Customer Comments: Everything went really wonderful, no problems at all!


Customer Comments: Overall my experience at petland was very great, everyone was really nice and the service was very helpful!


Customer Comments: My experience went very well, the service has been ok so far and I've had no problems!


Customer Comments: Petland was a great store, the service was really helpful as well!


Customer Comments: Ariel was fantastic! they provided us with great information and really did a great job helping with anything we needed.


Customer Comments: Petland provided us with a wonderful experience, everybody was really helpful and nice!


Customer Comments: Petland was nice, the store was really helpful, pretty great experience.


Customer Comments: Petland was good, the service was really good as well!


Customer Comments: Petland was great the service and store were awesome and very helpful!


Customer Comments: The service and store were very great!


Customer Comments: We are very satisfied with our new puppy and with the petland store and their wonderful service!


Customer Comments: My experience at petland went great, Sherrie was super helpful and kind!


Customer Comments: Petland was great, the service was very wonderful and I love my puppy!


Customer Comments: Petland was good, the service was very helpful and I love my puppy.


Customer Comments: Overall my experience at Petland went good and the service was good also!


Customer Comments: Petland was really great, in terms of customer service they were fabulous as well, we were in and out in 30 minutes tops!


Customer Comments: Petland was great overall no questions and no concerns at all!


Customer Comments: My experience at petland went really good, the people were nice and everyone was helpful!


Customer Comments: Petland was great! Everyone was nice and great!


Customer Comments: Petland was good they were very helpful and really nice.


Customer Comments: My experience at Petland was nice, they answered all of our questions and made sure we were taken care of!


Customer Comments: I had a wonderful experience at this petland!


Customer Comments: Everything went good at petland!


Customer Comments: Everyone was very professional at petland and really nice!


Customer Comments: We really enjoyed our visit to petland, Elisa was very helpful and all of the staff was really kind and nice!


Customer Comments: Petland was perfect, I really enjoyed our visit and the service!

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